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Avondet, Marc-André
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26.09.2016 Nia, Yacine; Rodriguez, Mélanie; Zeleny, Reinhard; Herbin, Sabine; Auvray, Frédéric; Fiebig, Uwe; Avondet, Marc-André; Munoz, Amalia; Hennekinne, Jacques-Antoine:
Organization and ELISA-Based Results of the First Proficiency Testing to Evaluate the Ability of European Union Laboratories to Detect Staphylococcal Enterotoxin Type B (SEB) in Buffer and Milk
21.12.2015 Simon, Stéphanie; Worbs, Sylvia; Avondet, Marc-André; Tracz, Dobryan M.; Dano, Julie; Schmidt, Lisa; Volland, Hervé; Dorner, Brigitte; Corbett, Cindi R.:
Recommended Immunological Assays to Screen for Ricin-Containing Samples
27.10.2011 Worbs, Sylvia; Köhler, Kernt; Pauly, Diana; Avondet, Marc-André; Schaer, Martin; Dorner, Martin; Dorner, Brigitte:
Ricinus communis Intoxications in Human and Veterinary Medicine — A Summary of Real Cases
07.04.2011 Weingart, Oliver G.; Schreiber, Tanja; Mascher, Conny; Pauly, Diana; Dorner, Martin; Berger, Thomas F. H.; Egger, Charlotte; Gessler, Frank; Loessner, Martin J.; Avondet, Marc-André; Dorner, Brigitte:
The Case of Botulinum Toxin in Milk: Experimental Data
18.11.2010 Pauly, Diana; Kirchner, Sebastian; Stoermann, Britta; Schreiber, Tanja; Kaulfuss, Stefan; Schade, Rüdiger; Zbinden, Reto; Avondet, Marc-André; Dorner, Martin; Dorner, Brigitte:
Simultaneous quantification of five bacterial and plant toxins from complex matrices using a multiplexed fluorescent magnetic suspension assay


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